Thursday, 17 April 2014

Art Exhibition

Hi everyone,

So last Tuesday I was lucky enough to go to an art exhibition – Genius and Ambition: The Royal Academy of Arts, London 1768-1918 at Bendigo Art Gallery.

The Royal Academy was founded by King George III in 1768 and was the primary art institution in the United until the beginning of the 20th century. It’s located in Piccadilly, London and its mission was to promote the arts of design in Britain through education and exhibition.

The exhibition itself brought almost a hundred works together. Some of the featured artists were JMW Turner, Thomas Gainsborough, John Constable, Sir Joshua Reynolds, William Waterhouse and Lawrence Alma-Tadema.

Some of my favourites were Dolbaden Castle by Turner, A Mermaid by Waterhouse and Vanity by Frank Cadogan Cowper.

Anyway, it was well worth seeing. So if you’re anywhere near Bendigo here are the details


Sorry that the photos are a bit blurry but you get an idea of their awesomeness J


On the writing front I’ve finished the edits for Seizing Heaven and have almost done with the revisions for Black is the Colour. I’m hoping to get it finished over Easter (fingers crossed).

I’ll do another Bewitching Blurbs soon – sorry I was carried away by the fab exhibition.

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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Bewitching Blurbs

Hi everyone,

Here’s this week’s Bewitching Blurbs!


Eden’s Fire
By Samantha Holt

A god. A mortal. A treacherous journey that will bind their hearts forever. Lonely and cast out of society, Eden gets a visit from Tyondric, God of Fire, in answer to a prayer. Gods can only appear once in a person's lifetime, so when he returns a second and third time, she knows her life will never be the same. When the beautiful god reveals Eden is The Pure Soul--the only one who can close the gate to the heavens and prevent the evil in Ananthuria from spreading--their relationship gets complicated.

Ty is willing to break every rule to save the world. And to save Eden.

As they set out on their dangerous journey to the gate Eden is kissed by the god. It's then she realizes Ty holds the power to break through every wall she's erected around herself and force his way into her heart. But what will happen when they close the gate and the world returns to normal? Can a mortal and a god ever be together? And with an evil lord on their trail, will they even succeed?

CONTENT WARNING: Contains sensually erotic scenes, a snarky heroine and a gorgeous god.

By Ainslie Paton
They’re a car crash waiting to why do they keep crashing into each other?

From the moment Fetch gets knocked off his Harley, crawls into Driver’s car and offers her an obscene amount of money to drive him from Sydney to Perth — no questions, no names, no chit chat — they’re stuck with each other. By the time they arrive, they’re stuck on each other.

It’s lust at full throttle, with no seat belts. It could be more, but he’s a fake and she’s a liar. They’re both neck deep in crime, and only one of them is on the right side of the law
Grave Robber for Hire
By Cassandra L. Shaw
Reasonable rates. Do Family legends hint at lost family treasures? Have writing from ancestors I can use to jump-time? Call me: Angel Meyers. No psychic readings or ghost exorcisms (that’s not my gig)

Angel Meyers loves cheesecake and hot men, possesses I-catch-cute-guys cleavage, and is the only person she knows with her gift. Her talent for touching handwritten documents and connecting with the mind of the writer, dead or alive, lets her delve into the past and locate lost family treasure for her clients.

When she’s hired to locate a Rembrandt lost one hundred and fifty years ago, Angel sees a whole bundle of dollar signs. If she finds the painting, her fee would be enough to buy her much dreamed of animal rescue farm.

There’s just one tricky bit, when she touches the writing of Clyde Owen Jones, the last man to know the painting’s whereabouts, Angel feels a malevolence coming off the pages and realizes Clyde was pure evil.

But the evil doesn’t remain with the dead, it’s here now, and it wants the same thing Angel does—the Rembrandt and maybe her soul.

Can Tyreal the Private Investigator Angel found too hot not to hire and Viggo her guardian angel, protect her from herself and Hell’s evil?
Hide & Seek
By Eliza Redgold
He thought he knew all there was to know about the birds and the bees, but he’s about to get schooled.

A little birdie tells Hope Buchanan that American hotel developer Sullivan O’Dare isn’t just in town for a holiday. As the manager of Hot Tropics Bird Sanctuary, Hope has more than a vested interest in protecting natural habitats.

Hope pulls out all the stops to convince Sullivan to come out with her to the WA bush, with its beautiful trees and unique wildlife. Surely the stunning scenery and a dose of ‘Broome time’ will show him what is at stake. But what is initially about saving the Sanctuary soon becomes about finding a connection. Could it be that Hope has finally found the bird of a feather to form her own flock?
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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Bewitching Blurbs

Hi everyone and welcome to Bewitching Blurbs.

Here are some fabulous titles which will make you want to head to your nearest bookstore or reach for your Kindle.

As always the titles are across romance sub genres and are different heat levels.

So without further ado, here they are -


The Winter Bride

By Anne Gracie

Award-winning author Anne Gracie delivers the second in her enticing new series about four young women facing a life of destitution—until a daring act changes their fortune and turns them each into a beautiful bride…

Damaris Chance’s unhappy past has turned her off the idea of marriage forever. But her guardian, Lady Beatrice Davenham, convinces her to make her coming out anyway—and have a season of carefree, uncomplicated fun.

When Damaris finds herself trapped in a compromising situation with the handsome rake Freddy Monkton-Coombes, she has no choice but to agree to wed him—as long as it’s in name only. Her new husband seems to accept her terms, but Freddy has a plan of his own: to seduce his reluctant winter bride.

Will Damaris’s secrets destroy her chance at true happiness? Or can Freddy help her cast off the shackles of the past, and yield to delicious temptation?

Personal aside – I can’t wait to get my hands on this! I just love Anne’s books.

Time After Time

 By Wendy Godding

She has died countless times before, and she is not going to let it happen again.

Abbie Harper dies just before her eighteenth birthday. It has happened before, more times than she can remember — and always at the hands of the same man. Her dreams are plagued with past lives, cut short.

But this latest dream feels different. Her past life as Penelope Broadhurst — an English pastor’s daughter in 1806 — keeps bleeding into her present life in ways both sinister and familiar. As Penelope meets and falls in love with the dashing Heath Lockwood, so too does Abbie meet the brothers Marcus and Rem Knight. One wants to love her; the other to kill her.

Time is running out for Penelope, but as Abbie mourns her inability to change the past, she chases the slim chance to save her future. To survive, she must solve the puzzle of an ancient love story…and Penelope just might be able to help.

Hunting His Highland Lass   (novella)
By Samantha Holt
Rory MacPherson has returned home to find his castle overrun by the English and his timid wife missing. So when he hears of her tales of bravery, he's just a little surprised. But his main concern is whether she is still alive or has been captured. Upon discovering her intention to run to her father's and to leave their affectionless marriage for good, Rory realises just how much sweet Isla means to him. Can the warrior get past his fears of being too rough for her?

Though fear of capture drove Isla out, it's the fear of returning to her marriage that keeps her travelling across the unforgiving Highlands. Not that she doesn't care for her husband, but she can no longer bear desiring a man who clearly doesn't want her. Believing that he must be sharing his bed with another lass, Isla plans to beg her father for refuge from the English...and her husband. But the journey is dangerous and Rory is a determined man. Will he even let her go?
A Love Remembered   (novella)
By Em Taylor
England, 1811

When Lord Benedict Mallory is lost at sea while fighting in His Majesty's Navy, Lady Cassandra Strong knows her happy ever after with the handsome duke's son will never be. That is until she spots her friend's footman. He bears a striking resemblance to the Lord who was presumed drowned.

A chance encounter with the newly restored Earl leaves Cassy with no option but to marry Lord Benedict. Can they overcome his loss of memory and forge a marriage for themselves?

This book contains scenes of an adult nature.
This story was originally published as part of the Once Upon a Hero book set.
Losing Kate
By Kylie Kaden
This mesmerising debut is part love story, part mystery, telling the captivating story of two lovers torn apart by tragedy and the secrets they kept of one devastating night.

I'm the most authentic version of myself when I'm around Jack. We've known each other since we were kids, and our relationship was always one of mudpies and mocking.

Then everything changed.

Beautiful Kate, my best friend, disappeared on a moonlit beach after Jack dumped her for me. Jack was a suspect and, sure of his innocence, I lied to protect him. I know Jack didn't kill her. Our betrayal did.

Thirteen years later, I am thirty, childless and single, attempting to renovate my life rescuing a rundown worker's cottage. All is as it should be in my safe little world – until Jack buys the vacant lot behind my house… and the feelings that we buried all those years ago – the guilt, the love and the pain - resurface.

We can't keep running away from the past – and to move forward we have to know what really happened to Kate.
Echoes of the Heart
By Alyssa J. Montgomery
She betrayed him and left him to be with another. Now that she’s alone again, nothing is going to stop him from coming for her.
Australian media tycoon Jake Formosa does not believe in forgiving…or forgetting. So when he discovers that Amanda — the woman who once broke his heart — is newly widowed, he immediately enacts his revenge.  Jake is intent on making Amanda remember him, and making her suffer for what she did. He will leave her broken and alone, and finally have his closure. 
But Amanda is not the sweet girl that Jake remembers, and her life is far from perfect. As the web of lies surrounding her begins to unravel, Jake finds himself once again ensnared. Can he learn to overlook the past and risk his heart again?

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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Apologies & Online Workshops

Hi everyone,

 Apologies for being a tad quiet over the past few weeks. Life has been hectic and a bit odd... not bad, just odd – with things coming out of left field.

Anyway one of the main reasons I’ve kept my head down is because I’m in the middle of some major revisions for one of my stories.

Added to that I have edits that I have to tackle, a half written story and I’ve been doing an online workshop.

I try and do several online workshops each year. Generally, I usually enrol in the history ones such as Viking Age Britain with Cindy Vallar (which was fantastic). But the one I’m enrolled in now is, Alphas – Leaders of the Pack presented by Robin Matheson. It’s looking at the personality traits of the Alpha archetype. It’s a great course and certainly gets the inspiration flowing.

 If you are looking for writing workshops and can’t make it to a physical class, check out some of the online ones. Many of the romance chapters of the RWA (US) offer online classes on a wide range of subjects. The RWA (Aus) are preparing to offer OWL classes (Online Workshop Lists) later in the year as well.


So, here are a few sites to get you started...


Colorado Romance Writers

Celtic Hearts Romance Writers

Hearts through History


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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Bewitching Blurbs

Hi everyone,

Sorry that Bewitching Blurbs is a little late. J

Here’s this week’s roundup –


Rescue Nights

By Nina Hamilton

Opposites attract in this medical romantic suspense set in the high adrenalin world of the Cairns Rescue Helicopter team.

English surgeon Andrew Wentworth left behind a successful career and a failed engagement to join the Cairns Rescue Helicopter team, but it's not shaping up to be the rejuvenating working holiday he expected.

Rescue paramedic Kate Spears is used to proving herself in a man’s world, so informing the handsome surgeon that all his orders now come from her is deliciously satisfying. But she soon finds that Andrew cannot only take everything she throws at him, he keeps coming back for more.

They couldn't be more different, from their histories to their personalities to their plans for the future, but the flames between them can't be ignored. And, in the close quarters of chopper rescue, they're about to find that there's no place to hide from love.


By Vanessa Garden
For fans of The Walking Dead and The Hunger Games comes a YA novel about freedom, choice and family — and the terrifying disease that makes them mutually exclusive.

From the day she was born, Lena has viewed the world through the jagged window of a razor-wired fence. The hundred-acre property she shares with her mother in the Australian outback may keep her safe from the Y-Carrier disease, but it is no longer enough to hold Lena’s interest, and her mother’s increasingly tight grip on her free will is stifling.

Just as her curiosity blooms and her courage rises, she meets a boy through the fence — the first boy she has ever laid eyes on. His name is Patrick and he comes with a dangerous yet irresistible invitation of adventure beyond the fence, an invitation to which Lena cannot say no.

But Lena’s newfound freedom is short-lived and she soon discovers that the Y-Carrier disease is not the only enemy she faces on the outside. Her new enemies want something Lena has, and they are willing to do anything to get it...

Safe Harbour
By Helene Young
When Darcy Fletcher drags a handsome sailor from a stricken yacht, she finds herself drawn into his mysterious world. Having saved his life, can she now rescue him from his dark past? Or will that endanger all she holds most dear?

Noah, keeper of the peace and guardian of the Banskia Cove secrets, can’t tell Darcy the real reason this stranger has washed up on their shores. If she understood the links between him and her own dysfunctional family, he’d lose her love for good.

As they take refuge in an old whaling station for the night, only one thing is certain – by morning, no one will be the same again. Lies will surface. Hearts will break, and not all will find safe harbour.

A heart-stopping novel of high drama and desire by Australia’s award-winning master of romantic suspense.

Irrepressible You
By Georgina Penney
You don't become a notorious British celebrity without rubbing a few people the wrong way, which is why writer and comedian Ben Martindale has decamped to Australia until the latest media frenzy dies down.

When he meets Amy Blaine, a perky blonde who dresses like a 1950s pin-up girl, he knows he's hit the satirical jackpot. He begins to fill his weekly London column with snarky observations about her life, clothes, and even their most intimate moments. It doesn't occur to him that Amy, who is letting her guard down for the first time in her adult life, might be upset - after all, it's hilarious, and his readers love her!

It isn't until Amy discovers the extent of his betrayal that Ben begins to realise just how badly he's cocked up the best thing that ever happened to him. But is it too late?
The Profiler
By Chris Taylor
A psychopathic killer is stalking the women of Sydney . . .
Federal Agent Clayton Munro, a criminal profiler with the Australian Federal Police (AFP), has been called upon to assist in hunting down a vicious murderer who is intent upon carving up his victims while they’re still alive. Guilt-stricken over his wife’s suicide, Clayton’s forced to set aside his personal issues in order to focus on the case.
Detective Ellie Cooper is also no stranger to heartache. Pregnant and abandoned at the altar by a fiancé intent on pursuing a career with the AFP, her opinion of the elite body of officers is anything but favorable. Angered when her boss orders her to partner with the Fed, she’s determined not to cut him any slack.
But women are dying on the streets of western Sydney and the pressure is mounting to find the person responsible.
Will Clayton and Ellie be able to put aside their animosity and work together to catch a killer before it’s too late? And what about the special fascination the killer seems to have with Ellie . . .
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Monday, 10 March 2014

Dancing on Air Blog Tour - Final Day

Hi everyone,

It’s the last day of the Dancing on Air Blog Tour. Thanks so much for joining in and a huge thank you to all the lovely bloggers & reviewer who hosted me.

Also, thanks to the ever fabulous Tonya from My Family’s Heart Blog Tours for putting it all together.

Today you’ll find me here...


 Elodie Parkes Erotic Romance

 Love, Lust and Lipstick Stains


 Buried Under Romance


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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Black is the Colour

Hi everyone,

Over the past few weeks I’ve been musing about the inspiration of my latest stories. The Hearthfire series is a collection of medieval fairytales. The first three stories are concerned with the three Ruebana sisters – Mariella, Elisabetta and Ciana. I have finished the youngest sister, Ciana’s story – Black is the Colour and I am now about half way through writing Mariella’s tale – My Wolven Heart. After that, I’ll begin Elisabetta’s story – Hush.

This series has been inspired by old myths and fairytales.

Black is the Colour

Will Ciana save her beloved from the witch’s curse...

Round double, double you go,
Until black feathers upon you grow.
Beak and claw, talon and wing,
Now with raven’s voice you will sing.
To the heavens you shall fly,
It is my will –
So say I.
Ciana loves Oran and vows that nothing will separate them. But her father has other plans and will do anything to stop their love, even if he has to turn to the dark magic of a witch to do it.
Oran knows that he doesn’t deserve Ciana. She is a lady and he is nothing but the village blacksmith. But their love is stronger than the metal he forges and welds. She has his heart and he will never turn from her no matter the cost.
Separated, Ciana will need all her strength to journey through the deep forest and save Oran from the witch’s curse. Alone and with only a trail of black feathers to follow, Ciana will fight against the odds and attempt to bring her lover home.
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