Sunday, 1 March 2015

Bits & Bobs

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Sorry I’ve been missing for a little while. I’ve been finishing off the edits/proofs etc. for McKellan’s Run which is due for release on the 22nd of April. It will be available in both ebook and print. McKellan’s Run is up on pre-order at the moment on all sorts of sites, such as Book Depository, Booktopia and of course Amazon.

Here’s the Amazon link –


 And here’s the final blurb -

Violet Beckett once made the mistake of falling for the wrong McKellan brother. Now, eight years later, fate has brought Violet back to her home town with her daughter, Holly.

As soon as Violet runs into Charlie ‘Mac’ McKellan, she wonders if she should run all the way back to the city. But something about him makes her want to linger. Can she trust him, can she trust herself or will she be burned again?

Charlie McKellan has had a soft spot for Violet Beckett for longer than he can remember. It almost killed him to watch his brother woo her, use her and finally lose her. From his very first encounter with Violet he’s hooked. But how can he convince her that not all McKellans are the same?


In the tradition of novels by Rachael Johns’, McKellan’s Run tells the story of two very special people who deserve another chance.


In other news, I’ve booked to go to the RWA’s ‘Get Fresh Conference’ in Melbourne in August. I have to admit I’m very excited as this will be my first one. The line-up of speakers and workshops look interesting.
Here’s a link  -

On the writing front I’ve just made it to the halfway point of In Like Flynn (working title, although I have to admit I like it). It’s the second book in the Violet Falls series and deals with local sheep farmer, Flynn Hartley and Lily Beckett (Violet’s little sister). I’m really enjoying writing this story and I have to admit I think I’ve got a little bit of a crush on Flynn. I’m sure that’s wrong but you see, he’s funny and sexy and he’s got the type of smile that makes a girl’s heart skip a beat.
Both Flynn and Lily appear in McKellan’s Run but it didn’t take me long to realise that they both deserved not only their own story but a shot at a happy ending.
I’ve cobbled together a rough blurb so you can get the idea. J
It’s the heat of summer and the middle of the bushfire season when Lily Beckett's life implodes and lies in tatters at her feet. All she can do is run back to her sister, Violet and try and regroup.
She's learnt her lesson and vowed to stay away from men - at least for a little while. So the last thing she needs is Flynn Hartley, Violet Falls' notorious womanizer hanging around. Lily refuses to be just another one of his conquests, but the more she pushes him away, the more determined he appears to become.
Flynn has spent the last few years restoring and building up his sheep run, The Grange into a successful farm. He's never been in love or a long time relationship. In fact the whole idea terrifies him. But somehow, Lily Beckett with her dark hair and sexy freckles has got under his skin. And for the first time in his life, Flynn is at a loss - how the hell did that happen?
So there it is, well sort of. At the moment both Flynn and Lily are getting into all types of tangles, so I’d better sign off and go and see if I can help them out.
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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Valentine's Day Part II

Hi everyone.

Well, it seems that love is in the air. Harlequin Australia – Escape Publishing has sent me a Valentine’s present in the form of a very pretty, girly teacup. Thanks so much for making me and the rest of the authors feel loved up and special!

See, isn’t it pretty! I'm drinking copious  cups of green tea as I type. :)
Dancing on Air is my Victorian era romance which is published by Escape Publishing. If you love a little mystery and passion set against the backdrop of the ballet world, this is for you.

Amazon shortened link -

Cinderella meets Swan Lake in a cross-class, Victorian novel about a ballerina, an aristocrat, and the space in between them.

Lisette yearns for freedom, security and love, but none are offered on the run-down stage of The Imperial Theatre. Instead she has hard work, a tyrannical aunt, and the hope of one day becoming a prima ballerina. Dancing on the stage she catches the attention of two powerful men: Lord Gainswith and Lord De Vale.

Lord Evander Gainswith never expected to fall in love, let alone with a woman so wholly unacceptable to his family and his peers. The sinister Lord De Vale covets Lisette's youth and strength, and is willing to pay well for it. Lisette may dance roles in fairy tales and fantasies, but the real world is about to intrude, bringing with it the harsh realities of life for a young girl with dreams of rising above the demimonde.


Here’s the book Trailer –


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Saturday, 7 February 2015

Valentine's Day

Hi everyone,

 Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and our thoughts turn to romance (except mine because honestly my thoughts never really left). So to celebrate the day of love I thought I would do a romantic post. At first I thought about listing fabulous lines from books and plays that make you melt and sigh like – ‘You have witchcraft in your lips’ (Henry V, Act 5 Scene 2) or ‘Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.’(Wuthering Heights) or ‘Soul meets soul on lovers' lips.’(Prometheus Unbound).

But then I thought I’d share one of my favourite poems from the fabulous John Donne. I’ve always loved this poem, I find it passionate, sweet and kind of sexy. So here’s a toast to the comforting thought that love and lust are little changed through the centuries.

To His Mistress Going To Bed

    Come, madam, come, all rest my powers defie,
Until I labour, I in labour lie.
The foe oft-times, having the foe in sight,
Is tired with standing, though he never fight.
Off with that girdle, like heaven's Zone glistering,
But a far fairer world encompassing.
Unpin that spangled breast-plate, which you wear,
That th' eyes of busie fooles may be stopt there.
Unlace yourself, for that harmonious chime,
Tells me from you that now ‘tis your bed-time.
Off with that happy busk, whom I envie,
That still can be, and still can stand so nigh.
Your gowne’s going off, such beautious state reveals,
As when from flowery meads th' hill's shadow steals.
Off with your wyerie Coronet, and shew
The haiery Diademe which on you doth grow;
Off with those shooes, and then safely tread
In this love's hallow'd temple, this soft bed.
In such white robes, heaven's Angels us’d to be
Receav’d by men ; Thou Angel, bringst with thee
A heaven like Mahomet's Paradise; and though
Ill spirits walk in white, we easily know,
By this these Angels from an evil sprite,
They set our hairs, but these the flesh upright.
    Licence my roaving hands, and let them go,
Behind, before, above, between, below.
O, my America! my new-found-land,
My kingdome, safeliest when with one man man'd,
My Myne of precious stones, my Emperie,
How blest am I in this discovering thee !
To enter into these bonds, is to be free;
Then where my hand is set, my seal shall be.
    Full nakedness !  All joyes are due to thee;
As souls unbodied, bodies uncloth’d must be,
To taste whole joyes. Gems which you women use
Are as Atlanta's ball, cast in mens views,
That when a fools eye lighteth on a Gem,
His earthly soul may covet theirs, not them.
Like pictures, or like books gay coverings made
For lay-men, are all women thus array'd;
Themselves are mystick books, which onely wee
(Whom their imputed grace will dignifie)
Must see reveal'd.   Then since I may know;
As liberally, as to a Midwife shew
Thy self ; cast all, yea, this white lynnen hence,
Here is no penance, much less innocence.
To teach thee, I am naked first: why then
What needst thou have more covering than a man?


John Donne 1572-1631



Do you have a favourite poem that melts your heart? I have a long list but I fear there is only room for this one today.

Have a wonderful St. Valentine’s Day! I wish you love, kisses and lots of chocolate.

Nicóle xx

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

McKellan's Run Cover Reveal

Hi everyone,

Here’s the swoon worthy cover for McKellan’s Run.

McKellan’s Run is a rural romance which is set in the Central Highlands of Victoria. It’s due to be released from Allen & Unwin in May.



Years ago, Violet Beckett made the mistake of falling for the wrong McKellan brother and she and her young sister, Lily paid the price. Now eight years later, fate has brought Violet and her daughter, Holly back to the house she grew up in. As soon as she runs in Mac McKellan, she wonders if she should run all the way back to the city. But something about the look in his eyes makes her want to linger. Can she trust him, can she trust herself or will she get burned again?

Mac McKellan has had a soft spot for Violet Beckett longer than he can remember. It almost killed him to watch his brother woo her, use her and finally lose her. From their very first encounter he’s hooked. But how can he convince her that all McKellans are not the same?


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Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Bewitching Blurbs

Hi everyone

Here’s another round up of Bewitching Blurbs – enjoy!

As always Bewitching Blurbs encompasses all romance sub genres and heat levels. So basically a little bit of something for everyone. J


Her Big Sky Cowboy

By Alissa Callen

Sometimes Mr. Wrong is Mr. Right.

Speech therapist, Trinity Redfern, knows her perfect match is out there somewhere. When she finds him he’ll be articulate, well-dressed and most of all he will let her call the shots.

Reclusive rancher, Zane Nash, has heeded life’s lessons. Never trust anyone, especially a woman. But when he becomes an instant father to five-year-old Finn, he must trust the sassy speech therapist who takes over his ranch for the summer. Trinity is Finn’s last hope to learn to speak again.

But when the summer ends has time run out not only for Finn but also for Zane? Can the reserved cowboy find the words to make strong-willed Trinity stay … forever.

This is the third book in the Wildflower Ranch Series.

Wildflower Ranch series
Book 1: Cherish Me, Cowboy
Book 2: Her Mistletoe Cowboy
Book 3: Her Big Sky Cowboy


And now for a steamy offering from the fab Eden Summers –


A Shot of Sin

By Eden Summers

Throw back a shot of pure pleasure.

Leo Petrova is between a rock and the hard place in his pants. Shot of Sin, the night club he owns with his two best friends, is short one bartender downstairs. The only available replacement is the upstairs bar manager—the one woman Leo knows he can’t take downstairs, can’t have, can’t touch. The one time he gave in to temptation convinced Leo that Shay’s no match for his sexual demands.

Only a select few know Shot of Sin’s guilty secret, that beneath the packed dance floor lies a very private sex club—the Vault. The place Leo can let his sexual proclivities run wild.

Shay Porter is curious as to why her boss, the king of mixed messages, seems almost desperate to keep her from discovering what’s on the other side of the guarded door at the back of the club.

Sliding out of her comfort zone and into Leo’s arms risks everything. Their friendship, the Vault, and most of all, their hearts.

Warning: This sex club does not carry the government’s stamp of approval. Contains devilish debauchery, delightful deviance, and dancing on the edge of the darkest of sexual desires.


Winning the Heiress’ Heart – Book 3 in the Emerald Quest Series
By Susanne Bellamy
Eva Abbott sells her inheritance in England, Bellerose Manor, to provide for the care of her nephew. She buys a pineapple plantation in Hawaii but discovers her neighbour, Luc Martineau, will do anything to take it from her.
When Eva discovers a diary which may solve their financial problems, villains follow her to Hawaii and attempt to force her to reveal the whereabouts of the heirloom emerald necklace.
Is Luc an ally or an enemy? Is he after Eva or her land?
The first two titles in the series are –
Capturing the Pirate’s Heart by Annie Seaton
Saving the Soldier’s Heart by Jane Beckenham
Storm Clouds
By Bronwyn Parry
National Parks ranger Erin Taylor loves her job, is falling for her colleague, Simon, and is finally leaving her past behind . . .

Until a woman is murdered. But the victim is not just any woman – she’s Simon’s wife, Hayley. The wife he’s never mentioned. The wife he’s not seen in fourteen years. On the edge of the national park the alternative lifestyle ‘Community of Bliss’ denies knowledge of Hayley, but Simon and Erin suspect otherwise. Erin will have to draw on all her old skills – deception, lying, cheating – to gain the trust of its members and discover their secrets.

As Simon uncovers shocking details about the reclusive group, Erin is drawn further into their midst and finds a web of lies, decades old – and comes face-to-face with the charismatic, manipulative, dangerous leader who will let nothing and no-one stand in his way. On the wrong side of a river in flood that has become a lethal torrent, Erin and Simon must race to expose the truth and prevent a tragedy . . .
A Time to Remember – Rivenshaw Book 1
By Anna Jacobs
1945 - the war in Europe is over. Most women can't wait for their men to return, but in the small town of Rivenshaw in Lancashire, Judith Crossley fears having her husband back in the house. He'd grown into a bully and a drunkard, and on the occasions he'd come home from leave, he'd hit her.

He wasn't a good father either - when their eldest daughter Kitty won a prestigious scholarship to the private girls' grammar school, Doug had tried to stop her going, saying it would turn her into a snob. Luckily Judith had help from an unlikely ally - Maynard Esher, from an old aristocratic family on the other side of town - but Judith knows that when her husband returns, she'll be blamed for letting Kitty take up her school place. She decides that for the children's sake, she must leave her husband. But with the house rented in his name, and other accommodation scarce, where on earth can they go?

Helen Bretherton is returning from being a Land Girl in Wiltshire. Her great-aunt has left her a house bordering the park in Rivenshaw, but it was partly bombed and is in a poor condition. Still, she decides to camp out in it, if it's at all habitable, because she has nowhere else to go. However, when she arrives, she finds a displaced Polish man is already living there . . .
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Monday, 12 January 2015

Black is the Colour - New Image

Hi everyone!

 Black is the Colour has a new image thingy – isn’t it pretty. J

Saturday, 3 January 2015

The Romance Studio - New Year's Party

The Romance Studio is throwing a huge New Year’s Party. There’s a heap of fun and giveaways up for grabs, including a $100 Amazon Gift Card. Hope to see you there. J

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